Eric Doty: B2B SaaS Content Marketing Portfolio

Content Portfolio.

Here’s a little sampling of my recent B2B SaaS content projects.



Postclick, sister company to Instapage, is an innovative advertising and landing page automation platform focused on shattering traditional conversion rate benchmarks.

3 Trends That Explain Why Your CPC is Rising

7 Proven Ways to Improve Your ROAS Performance

7 Reasons Why Your Online Ads Don’t Convert

Summa Linguae Technologies

Summa Linguae is a localization and data solutions provider to Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Nike, and Intel. I worked there full-time as the Global Marketing Manager. Here’s a smattering of content I put together for the website:

15 Ways to Customize Your Speech Data Collection Project

Where to Find Speech Recognition Data

Why LSPs are Taking the Lead in Data Collection

Careers Page


Instapage is a landing page platform that supports landing page creation, personalization, ad mapping, collaboration, and experimentation.

9 Examples of Effective Google Ads Campaigns

7 Search Engine Marketing Best Practices to Follow in 2021

Real Estate Webmasters

I was the Corporate Marketing Specialist and SEO Team Lead at Real Estate Webmasters for 3 years. REW provides websites and marketing solutions to luxury real estate agents.

Real Estate PPC Guide

Why you should be texting your real estate leads

3 ways agents can take on Zillow and win

Fox & Lee

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