Meet Eric Doty

About Clever.

Hi, I’m Eric. đŸ‘‹

I provide freelance SEO, content, and digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes.

And it’s not just about content. I also provide honest, transparent advice on what will actually bring online growth to your business. I don’t just take on projects for the sake of taking projects.

Clever is just a solo operation at the moment, but the truth is I receive more project offers than I can handle, so I’ll be bringing others on board soon.

Eric Doty

Eric Doty

SEO & Content Marketing Expert

I was originally a baby in Ottawa, ON, but now I am a full-grown adult living in Nanaimo, BC.

I’ve been in marketing since 2013 after leaving a budding career in cognitive science research (science is cool, but marketing is faster!).

I work full-time as the Global Marketing Manager for Summa Linguae Technologies, a language-technology services provider to many of the world’s most recognizable tech brands.

I am mildly internet famous under the moniker Bonk’s Mullet.


Ball Fetcher & Stuffing Extractor

Maximus is my longest-serving colleague. He is an 12-year-old Miniature Dachshund.

He loves begging for food and will play fetch for as long as you can stand it, and then a little more.


Cuddler & Paper Shredder

Penny is the newest addition to the team. She is a 3-year-old Miniature Dachshund.

Penny is a little firecracker, and can jump up onto pretty much any surface (kind of like a cat, but much more destructive).

Her puppy dog eyes are impossible to resist—resulting in much more sympathy than is deserved.

Want to work with me?

Or maybe you just want to tell me how cute my dogs are.